Some of the common fields of study that are related to political science include public administration, international relations, public policy and public law. Other areas of study associated with political science are domestic politics, comparative politics and political theory.

Public administration is related to political science in a number of ways. Also referred to as public policy, the field includes a scientific study of politics. Preparing students for a career in civil service, the effects of bureaucracy are examined in the study of public administration. Organizational and institutional governance and interactions with the public are also evaluated and studied.

International relations covers topics that are essential to foreign relations and policy. It delves into perspectives on diplomacy, and assesses how wars are started and avoided. It also encompasses the study of financial markets and international economic challenges.

Government policies that regulate education, health care and other national issues are involved in the study of public policy. The ways that policies are passed and implemented is investigated. Approaches to defense, civil rights, environmental preservation and regional development polices are also evaluated in public policy studies.

The basis for studies in public law are criminal justice systems and legal systems. Civil rights issues are also a focus of public law studies.