There are no petroleum engineering universities in or near Islamabad. According to University Advisor, a website devoted to university and career guidance for Pakistani youth, the four universities in Pakistan that offer petroleum engineering degrees are located in Lahore, Karachi, Jamshoro and Balochistan.

The University of Engineering and Technology in Lahore, or UET Lahore, is a public university founded in 1921. Its petroleum and gas engineering program started in the 1960s. UET Lahore is ranked as one of the top engineering and technology universities in the country. The NED University of Engineering and Technology, founded in 1922, is located in urban Karachi. Its department of petroleum engineering was instituted in 2005 to facilitate exploration and production of oil and gas in Pakistan.

Mehran University of Engineering and Technology, founded in 1963, is located in the university town of Jamshoro, which is about 150 kilometers northeast of Karachi. It offers both graduate and post graduate degrees in petroleum and natural gas engineering. Balochistan University of Engineering and Technology, or UET Khusdar, whose chancellor is also the governor of Balochistan, is located near the city of Khusdar, in the far southwest corner of Pakistan. It is committed to producing engineers to exploit the oil and gas reserves of Pakistan.