Free English lessons online are available from various institutions, including ESOL Courses, which allows users to participate in free interactive reading exercises, short tests, listening lessons, readings and games that enhance learning skills, according to the company website. Skill levels range from beginners to intermediate to advanced language levels.

TalkEnglish uses audio elements to focus student learning on spoken English, with online audio files by native English speakers, according to the company website. Reading, speaking and learning are all integrated into the program to achieve English fluency. The format used, states TalkEnglish, is based on a model of "Talk, Listen, and Repeat." The free course covers speaking, pronunciation of words and syllables, grammar and repetitive exposure to native English speakers.

ALISON certified learning courses are based in Ireland, offering 600 free online courses as of 2015, leading to degrees and diplomas such as Basic English for Business and Tourism, Basic English Grammar and a diploma in English Language and Literature. To receive the degree or diploma from ALISON, students must pass the courses with scores of at least 80 percent in all course assessments. Diplomas such as the one in English Language and Literature take from 15 to 20 hours to complete, as stated in the course features section on the ALISON website. The intensive study program incorporates video, audio and testing to learn skills in writing and literary comprehension.