As of 2015, Allied Schools offers online and correspondence training courses for a variety of real estate and medical careers. Students study at their own pace and learn through completing assignments and tests and connecting with teachers either online or over the phone.

Allied Schools has medical training courses that can help prepare students to work as medical coders, medical billing professionals, medical assistants and pharmacy technicians. Many of these courses are for preparing graduates for medical certification, and externship opportunities are usually available, notes There are also continuing education courses for graduates whose employers require these hours.

The real estate courses are split into those for people seeking real estate licenses and those seeking a designation. Among the real estate license courses include those for becoming a Notary Public, real estate salesperson, appraiser, real estate broker and mortgage loan originator. There are also versions of most of these courses for those just seeking to renew their licenses or get continuing education. The second set of real estate designation courses include those for short sale specialists, green specialists, Federal Housing Authority specialists, contract forms specialists and e-networking specialists.

Graduates of Allied Schools courses still need to pass any licensure exam or certification exam their desired careers in medicine or real estate require. Career assistance and exam preparation are both available as of 2015.