A farewell speech is a gracious way for a pageant winner to signal the end of her reign. Typically, the speech includes thanks, highlights of the year and best wishes to the successor.

Saying thank you is an essential part of the speech. Many people have contributed to the former winner's success, and their work should be acknowledged. The first people who are mentioned are those who have been involved the entire year, such as parents and other family members, special friends and the pageant director. Their encouragement and commitment should be praised. Then the speaker should take time to recognize people who have been involved to a lesser extent, such as general friends and sponsors. The former winner's school is mentioned here, if appropriate. More thanks go out to new acquaintances, such as other pageant winners and directors, and people met during the course of performing duties.

Next, a quick word of encouragement and advice should be given to the successor. Religious sentiments are usually saved to the very end of the speech.

Pageant farewell speeches are sometimes accompanied by projected photos of the best parts of the year. The speeches are typically only a few minutes long. The primary purpose of the occasion is to pass the responsibility on to the new winner.