explains that experiencing cancer can be very difficult and may bring on many emotions including fear, anger or grief. When writing a card, it is important to use a message that will respect these difficult feelings. shares that it can be difficult to be optimistic when dealing with cancer. It's therefore important to be tactful and sensitive in what you write. Some topics should be avoided. These topics include anything related to dying, unsolicited advice and mean jokes. It is important to be encouraging, regardless of the prognosis. Topics that can be encouraging include offers of help, a short piece noting something positive about the person in question, judicious use of humor, or quoting a verse or poem.

If you want to offer to help, suggests the offer to be specific. Offer to make food or mow the lawn. By stating something positive about the person, you can give failing spirits a boost. According to, laughter or humor can reduce pain through the creation of endorphins, as well as strengthening immune function and decreasing stress. Sometimes it can be difficult to find something encouraging to say in your own words, so also notes that it is possible to find a quote or Bible verse that speaks to the situation.