A newsletter for preschool parents should be distributed on a regular basis and include upcoming events, requests, areas of learning and policy review. The letter should be short and to the point, keeping it to one page if possible.

Preschool parents tend to be apprehensive about sending their child to school for the first time. A newsletter that is distributed on a regular basis helps to alleviate those fears by keeping the parents up to date on the school and its activities.

Step 1: List upcoming events

List any events coming up such as field trips, class parties (especially during the holiday season), or special guests that may be visiting the school. If there are parent nights or parent/teacher conferences coming up, add these also.

Step 2: Review lesson plans

Parents like to know what their child will be learning. In this section, list the lesson plans for the children. Perhaps they will be working on learning shapes or how to write their name, for example.

Step 3: Review school policies

Highlight a school policy in each newsletter. During cold and flu season, it may be a good idea to remind parents of school policy for sick children and absences.

Step 4: Include some fun highlights

In this section, give kudos to children who have accomplished something fun like learning to tie shoes or button jackets. Give a recipe for a healthy snack or list some cute phrases the teachers have overheard.