One of the best ways to practice listening to the English language is to make listening part of daily life by creating a lifestyle that makes contact with English both convenient and enjoyable. By taking advantage of moments such as commutes, listening to native English-speaking podcasts and radio and listening to podcasts for ESL learners, listening to the language easily becomes a daily part of life.

Listening during a commute is often the easiest way to find time to add English listening to a daily routine. Listening on a bus, a train or even during a walk helps the listener start to become familiar with the patterns of the language. Other times to add English listening to a daily routine are when getting ready in the morning, when cooking or cleaning the house or when exercising.

Technology makes English listening media very accessible. Podcasts are easily downloaded and are available on a wide variety of topics, including business, fashion, art, culture and travel. Streaming radio stations is another great resource.

In addition to general podcasts by native English speakers, podcasts for English learners are also available. English teachers from around the world are providing free English resources through this medium as of 2015.