An accelerated bachelor program is a degree course offered by a college institution that allows the student to graduate in a shorter period of time than a normal program. Accelerated bachelor programs can cut the length of time that it takes to get a degree from 3 to 5 years down to 1 to 2 years.

In accelerated bachelor programs, classes are delivered over a shorter period of time and the student is expected to study faster. The entry criteria for such programs, however, are more stringent than it is for traditional degrees. This includes having a high grade point average, and in most cases a student will not be considered for an accelerated program until they have completed their first year of study.

Such degree programs are popular with older students, particularly those looking to advance in existing career. There are a number of differences in the way they are run when compared with traditional programs. For example, students on accelerated bachelor programs do not often take many electives. They also study throughout the whole year rather than taking classes only during the standard school semesters. And they study via online courses and night classes in addition to the regular daytime classes.

Finishing a degree program faster means the student can get into the workforce quicker. In addition, they potentially have less student debt as they studied for a shorter period of time.