Information that should be included in a bid letter is the firm name, product or service requested and the delivery date, the formal statement of a request for the bid, the due date of the bid proposal and the method of submission. A bid letter is used to request bids on upcoming projects from various contractors.

To maintain cost-effectiveness, companies should request bids from competing agencies. A bid is the price an agency proposes to complete a specified project or fill an order of supplies. Usually the bid request is submitted in a formal letter, which should contain specific information such as:

  • Firm name — This is the name of the firm that is accepting the bids.
  • Product or service and delivery date — The letter should be very specific in the type of product or service requested. It should also include the delivery date of the product or service.
  • Formal bid request — A formal statement such as "The company requests that a bid be submitted..." lets the recipient know the actual purpose of the letter.
  • Proposal due date — This is the date by which the bid is due. Usually no bids are accepted after this date, to make it fair for all that are submitting a proposal.
  • Method of submission — If there is a preference as to how the bid is submitted, it should be stated in the letter. Certified mail, fax or email are some suggestions.