A thank you note for a gift, donation or funeral visit should express gratitude for the support of the family of the deceased; a specific description of the gift, donation or well wishes; and a signature from the eldest of the family or the signatures of a group of family members of the deceased. A funeral thank you note can also include positive attributes of the deceased.

When writing a funeral thank you note, most families choose to hand write the letter on a customized card provided by the funeral home or a blank store-bought set of stationary and address the letters informally by using the recipient's first name. For example, instead of addressing the letter to Mrs. Smith, the family may choose to begin the note with "Dear Carol."

Handwritten letters with personal touches and addresses are often preferred over typed template letters because of the personal nature of the situation. In addition to thanking the recipients for their support during the difficult time, the family may also want to share a favorite memory about the deceased person or thank the recipients for having an impact on the family and the deceased's life. Funeral thank you notes often are accompanied by a funeral card with the deceased's picture and a prayer or favorite quote.