McGraw-Hill Education offers a variety of textbooks for ninth grade science, depending on the field, such as "Glencoe Biology"; "Glencoe Earth Science: Geology, the Environment, and the Universe"; "Glencoe Physical Science"; and "Glencoe Physical Science with Earth Science." These various specialized science textbooks prepare the student for college or university.

"Glencoe Biology" teaches students the major themes of biology, reinforcing the lessons with a vast array of lab activities that study natural phenomena. "Glencoe Earth Science" teaches about the geology of the planet, environmental principles and the vastness of the universe.

"Glencoe Physical Science" integrates physics, chemistry and math in a variety of lab experiments and real-world applications. "Glencoe Physical Science with Earth Science" combines physics, chemistry, mathematics, and Earth and space science. When taken with a biology course, it prepares students for many 10th grade district and state exams.