The minimum scores needed for the Air Force Officer Qualifying Test, or AFOQT, depend on the position in which the candidate wants to work. Both pilot and navigator candidates need minimum quantitative scores of 10, verbal scores of 15 and combined pilot scores of 50, notes the Angelo State University Department of Aerospace Studies. Pilot candidates need at least a score of 25 in the pilot category and a score of 10 in the navigator category, while navigator candidates need at least 10 in the pilot category and 25 in the navigator category.

Being commissioned in general requires at least a verbal score of 15 and a quantitative score of 10, notes the United States Air Force. Someone who wants to be a combat systems officer, or CSO, doesn't have a minimum pilot score but needs a 25 in the CSO category. Someone who wants to be an air battle manager, or ABM, needs a 25 in the ABM category but needs no minimum scores in the pilot or CSO categories.