On the school bus, students should hold the handrail while entering and exiting, choose a seat, and sit down as quickly as possible. Passengers should talk quietly so that the driver is not distracted from driving safely and remain seated without extending their hands, arms or heads out of the windows. Bus riders should never throw things on the bus or out the windows.

Aisles and emergency exits should be kept clear at all times. Students should be aware of backpack drawstrings or key chains that could get caught on the handrails or door while entering or exiting the bus. Those exiting the bus should immediately walk three paces away so that they can be seen by the driver and avoid the danger zone, which extends 10 feet in front of, to the sides of and behind the bus. After exiting, a student must not walk behind the bus. All passengers should avoid pushing or shoving each other while entering or exiting the bus.

Students should get to the bus ahead of schedule rather than run for the approaching bus and stand five to 10 steps away from the street until the bus comes to a complete stop. While at the bus stop or returning home, students should not talk to strangers.