Some reading slogans for children include "Books: food for the brain," "Get lost in a good book" and "In order to succeed, you must read." Reading slogans help children to get excited about reading, and they can be printed on banners, written on bookmarks or chanted while walking to the library.

As of 2014, Think Slogans, Teaching Ideas and several other websites had lists of reading slogans for children. Most reading slogans are relatively short, and very few of them contain more than half a dozen words.

Some reading slogans emphasis the adventurous potential offered by reading. These include slogans such as "I'm off to see the world by reading," "Travel to the stars – read!" or "Reading feeds the imagination."

Other reading slogans describe children who love to read. Slogans such as "I'm a bookworm," "I heart 2 read" or "Born to read" express this theme.

Still other slogans try to entice kids into reading with fun ideas like "Reading is exercise for the eyes," questions like "Have you found a good book?" or promises like "Reading is cool."

Children who embrace reading at a relatively young age are more likely to carry the passion into their adulthood. Reading slogans can help to foster a love of reading or to pique an interest in reading.