Popular award certificates in the workplace include recognition for perfect attendance, most improved employee and excellence in leadership. Student award certificates include recognition for grade point average, honor roll, academic achievement in particular subjects, student of the month and exemplary behavior. Athletic award recognition certificates focus on most valuable player, most improved player and scoring statistics.

Award recognition certificates may also provide general honors such as certificates of completion, appreciation and attendance. Some organizations choose to present volunteers with community service award certificates, citizenship awards and volunteer certificates.

Educators often honor students with merit awards and achievement certificates for science, music, math and computer skills. Special events may warrant the need for award recognition certificates for participation in science fairs, athletic tournaments and cheerleading or dance competitions.

Certificates can be created in a variety of formats that include a white background with black, script font that includes a signature from a governing officer or administrator. Certificate templates allow users to easily replace names of recipients and award type within a word processing or design program. A logo of the organization, school or company is commonly placed on the certificate and a seal to verify authenticity. Some organizations choose to frame award recognition certificates for formal presentations.