Several persuasive essay topics for high school include the importance of requiring teenagers to enroll in parenting classes, offering specialized art or science courses in high schools, penalizing owners who abandon pets and imposing limitations on free speech. Reducing homework for elementary students and empowering women are other possible topics.

Mandating every person to recycle, strictly controlling gun ownership and making Internet access free of charge are a few other persuasive essay topics. High school students may also find it interesting to write about the importance of undergoing annual driving tests after a specific age, banning the use of cell phones while driving and implementing bullying awareness programs in every school.

To write an effective persuasive essay, a student should create a powerful introduction, properly organized body paragraphs and a meaningful conclusion. A good introduction presents the paper's argument, which serves as the paper’s thesis, in a way that captivates the reader's interest. It provides a concise summary of the paper's contents.

The body expands on the argument and offers relevant ideas and pieces of evidence that reinforce the thesis statement. Every paragraph tackles a crucial aspect of the paper’s argument, gradually persuading the reader to accept the argument’s validity as the reader reaches the conclusion. Finally, the concluding paragraph restates the argument, provides fresh insight and offers real world applications of the argument.