Some possible dissertation topics for finance are the development of micro-finance, financial innovation in Europe and Asia, the long term impact of insider trading and the investment role of gold in global financial markets. A dissertation, or thesis paper, is often a requirement of graduation from a graduate, master or doctoral program.

When selecting a topic for a financial dissertation paper, the student should select one that he is interested in, as this will make writing the paper much easier. The topic usually has to be approved by the professor or advisor, which means it may be a good idea to have a few ideas as a backup on the chance the first is not approved. Keep in mind the advisor should also be knowledgeable about the topic, making it possible for her to give insightful advice. Some other ideas for financial dissertation topics include:

  • economic determinants of accounting choices
  • managerial efficiency versus Chief Executive Officer compensation
  • the impact of the Asian financial crisis on conservatism
  • the financial viability of selected financial products in today's market
  • an Empirical analysis of hedge fund performance
  • a model for the size, profitability and value patterns in stock returns
  • Chief Financial Officer compensation versus gender
  • the evolution of commercial banking
  • the growing popularity of index and mutual funds