Science topics must deal with something provable by facts, such as the environment, fossil fuels, green energy, climate change, evolution, dark matter, space travel, planetary motion, black holes and other evidence-based things. These are subjects that have either been confirmed by scientific fact or act as working theories based on an accumulation of evidence. Philosophy, astrology and religion are not legitimate sciences because no experiment can prove or disprove them.

Science covers areas related to the study of the physical world and discoveries made through observation and experimentation. Science relates to the natural phenomenon of the physical world and how they can be organized into patterns. This includes humans, nature and the cosmos. There are many fields of study that fall under the umbrella title of “science”, such as earth science, biology, paleontology and cosmology. Many topics of discussion and debate can be classified as part of these fields. For instance, the “Big Bang” would be discussed in cosmology, while the study of dinosaurs would be a field of study within paleontology. These topics are based on observations of the available evidence. All science starts with a working theory called a “hypothesis,” and scientists strive to prove this theory true, until it can be promoted from theory to confirmed scientific fact.