Some of the benefits of coloring free animal pages are that it improves concentration, knowledge and muscular coordination. This activity also teaches a child to think and plan ahead and also to just wind down and relax. The free pages reduce the financial aspect of this activity.

Any coloring, whether it is animals, birds or any design, is a great activity for young children. It helps them to concentrate on that one task till it is completed. They have to pay close attention to the different parts of the picture to ensure that nothing is left out and that it is all neat. Coloring free animal pictures either from a copy sheet or by themselves based on what they have learnt, helps children learn about the different colors of various animals. It also teaches them about the details that make each animal unique, even within the same family.

Having to pick up and hold colors helps young children with their grasping skills. Coloring neatly, smoothly and within the lines trains young muscles to produce controlled and fine movements. This activity also develops their mental abilities with having to think and correctly plan the colors for each part of the animal. Coloring animal pictures can be a creative outlet that allows their imagination to take over, especially if they are sometimes encouraged to deviate from the norm and use the colors of their choice.