Some advantages of taking summer classes in high school include being able to repeat a failed or poorly completed course, being able to focus on just one subject and having the chance to study at a more advanced level. An advantage for students who attend for any reason is that summer classes tend to have a more relaxed atmosphere.

A student who repeats a course in summer school has a second chance to pass it or do better in it without losing ground during the regular school year. Some schools replace a previous grade with the summer school grade, which improves the student's grade point average.

Being able to focus on just one class lets remediation students learn the course material without the workload and distractions of other classes. The more intensive, immersive approach may also be more effective. Students wishing to explore a subject of special interest have the chance to study it in greater depth.

Students may also use summer classes to jump ahead in their studies or to take advanced-level courses such as college courses. An extra math class in summer school may enable a student to fit in calculus during the senior year of high school. Special summer enrichment programs in computer science or music may make the student more competitive when applying to colleges. College courses open to high school students give the students a chance to earn college credit early and may save money later on.