Advantages of a Catholic school education include a commitment to academic excellence, a supportive environment and access to extracurricular programs. Attending Catholic school also teaches children the values and social relationships of the religion.

Catholic schools are renowned for emphasizing excellence in academic achievement. Students typically score above the national average on standardized tests and display effective writing skills. Studies show that Catholic high schools have a 98 percent graduation rate, and students graduating from Catholic high schools attend post-secondary schools at a rate of over 98 percent.

Catholic schools offer a higher rate of positive educational outcomes for children who are demographcially disadvantaged. Studies show that disadvantaged students in Catholic schools perform better academically than their public or charter school peers.

Graduates from Catholic schools tend to show more civic engagement. Their education teaches them their role within the family, the community and the church. Likewise, the schools tend to emphasize the importance of self-discipline and commitment. Additionally, many Catholic schools offer more access to extracurricular activities such as sports, theater and community service.

An obvious advantage of a Catholic school education is its teaching of religious doctrine. Students gain a deep understanding of the tenets of the religion and how to practice them in daily life.