A properly written interior design concept statement should contain an explanation of the inspiration, details of the requirements of the project, and a full description of each component of the design and how they fulfill specific requirements. An interior design concept is a written statement used to clearly explain the ideas behind a specific design using words and graphics.

Interior design concepts are used to relay information to a client or to other partners in the design project so that final decisions can be made and the project can get underway and stay on track. Follow these steps when writing interior design concepts:

  1. Present the inspiration for the design

    The inspiration for a design is the basis on which the entire design is built. Presenting this inspiration at the beginning of a concept statement provides support for the entire concept and offers jumping-off points for details such as murals, colors and decorative elements.

  2. Define the requirements for the job

    By detailing the goals for the project, or the problems that the project is intended to solve, the concept statement offers detailed explanations of how every decision that was made fulfills the project´s requirements. These specifications should include the color scheme, furniture approach, flooring choice, fixtures and other main details to create a cohesive design.

  3. Include visual representations and descriptive language

    Help clients and others get the full impression of the design by providing visuals of the detail decisions. Include samples of wallpaper, fabric and colors being used, and incorporate extremely descriptive language that links each choice to the theme or inspiration.