Write an inspirational letter by including personal experiences the reader can relate to, personal testimony to strengthen the reader's spirit, and words of spiritual wisdom that resonate with the reader's belief system. Inspirational letters may rely on only one or two of these methods rather than all three.

Begin the letter by specifically addressing what prompted you to write. For example, if you are writing to make someone feel better after an accident, be sure to tell him. This allows you to segue to any similar experiences in your life and describe how and why you can empathize with what this person is going through.

After describing what you felt like in a similar position, describe what happened to make you feel better. If both of you are part of the same religious culture, you may reference how your strong belief in God and daily prayer helped you to overcome the pain you were experiencing.

End the letter with a description of what it was like when you started to recover. This helps make the reader believe in the effectiveness of your methods and offers him something to look forward to as he progresses through similar stages. Before signing the letter, end with simple words of support such as "praying for you."