To write a concept paper, write a purpose statement, show your knowledge of the funding organization, and illustrate the need for solving the problem. Describe your procedures for accomplishing the task, explain what you need, link your theory to practice, and emphasize the project's benefits.

  1. Write a purpose statement

    Write a clear and succinct purpose statement. It should include what you are requesting, what problem you are attempting to solve and what benefits you expect.

  2. Show your knowledge

    Demonstrate your knowledge of the funding organization in the introduction. Include company information that shows the alignment between your goals and the organization's mission.

  3. Illustrate the need

    Demonstrate the need for solving this problem. Provide information about what has been done about the problem in the past, using statistics, facts and historical data.

  4. Describe your procedures

    Exactly describe your procedures for accomplishing your task. Provide a list of personnel suited for each job with credentials and job descriptions for each one.

  5. Explain what you need

    Explain what you need from the organization and why you need it. Include budgets, estimated cost, equipment, training and a time line.

  6. Link your theory to practice

    Relate the connections between your ideas, plans and expected results. Show the organization you have thought out the project and have not overlooked important details.

  7. Emphasize the benefits

    Emphasize the benefits of the project again at the end with a more in-depth explanation of how the project benefits the organization. End on a positive note.