To make a tropical rain forest diorama, get a box, paste a green background around the sides and back, and glue in rain forest animals and trees. Cut an eye hole in the box, then glue the box closed.

  1. Find an appropriate box

    A large shoebox is a good choice for a diorama box, although not the only possibility. The box should open wide during construction and then close completely for display.

  2. Glue a suitable background into the box

    Since the rain forest is so thick, gluing a piece of paper with trees printed all over it is a good way to add a background quickly. Add blue paper representing the sky to the top of the box if desired.

  3. Add three-dimensional trees

    Cut rain forest trees from brown and green paper, and glue them into the box with larger ones in front to give a feeling of perspective. Another option is to create trees from modeling clay or other suitable material. Make small ones for the back of the box and larger ones for the front of the box.

  4. Add animals

    Again, rain forest animals can be cut from paper and glued into place. Pictures can even be cut from magazines or books. Make photocopies if necessary. Another option is to create animals from clay or other building materials. Model the animals to the scale of the trees, with small ones in the back of the box and larger ones in the front. Put animals into the trees, or hide them behind the trees to give some dimension and interest to the scene.

  5. Add other landscaping features

    Add a small paper or plastic brook running between the trees. Add some small bushes. Some small twigs or leaves on the ground add more texture to the scene. Try to keep everything in scale so the entire composition is in the correct perspective.

  6. Cut the view hole

    Cut a hole into the box at the "front" of the diorama nearest the larger trees and animals. Make the hole big enough that the viewer can see the things glued in the center but not see all the edges of the box.

  7. Glue or tape the box closed

    Once the diorama is arranged as desired and the hole provides the proper view, close the box securely. The top can be taped on for removal later, or it can be glued on permanently.