A to-do list is a checklist of tasks that are organized and listed together as a strategy for completion or reminder. To-do lists can be paper or electronic.

  1. Organize your thoughts

    Collect your thoughts about a specific subject and identify tasks that need to be completed. Tasks are grouped together based on subject or listed in a sequential order.

  2. Prioritize tasks

    Prioritize tasks and create a logical sequence for their completion. Prioritize based on due dates or importance of completion.

  3. Create task list

    Enter tasks into an electronic document, paper or a marker board. Create a check box at the beginning of each task so completion can be marked as tasks are finished.

  4. Ask for feedback

    Share your task list with trusted colleagues, friends of family members to ensure the list is complete. Incorporate feedback into your list following the appropriate chronological order.

  5. Post your list

    Post your to-do list on a wall or in an area where you will regularly see the list. Electronic lists can be printed or entered into a calendar application on your computer, smartphone or tablet. If the to do list needs to be portable, it can be stored on your phone. Check-off or cross-off each task as you complete it.