To learn Italian words effectively, study with the total-immersion method, which involves residing in Italy for a prolonged period, enrolling in a language school and using only the Italian language during your stay. Language schools in Italy usually feature a home-stay program. Alternatively, take a language course at a nearby school, read Italian books, talk with a native Italian speaker frequently, finish workbook exercises, and listen to Italian tapes.

Allocate a few hours each day to read, write and speak Italian to familiarize yourself with the language. With regular practice and dedication, you can improve your knowledge of the language and boost your confidence in speaking Italian as you learn more words and enhance your accent.

Keep a journal, and record new Italian words you encounter along with their meanings. Improve your listening skills by watching Italian movies and video lessons, tuning in to Italian radio stations, and downloading Italian podcasts. When enrolling in an Italian language class, choose a class taught by a native teacher.

Attach post-it notes to chairs, mirrors and various things at home until you memorize the words. Additionally, read Italian blogs and newspapers to immerse yourself in the Italian culture and discover new phrases. It's also a good idea to sing along with Italian songs with subtitles on YouTube and play crosswords and puzzles to improve your vocabulary and pronunciation.