To adjust the amount of game time a student earns on MobyMax, access the MobyMax website, sign into your teacher's account, click on My Settings, click on the Modules tab, and adjust the game settings to your preference. Click the Save button to save your changes.

MobyMax also allows you to manually change the amount of time a student receives for spending time working on and passing lessons. Once you sign into your MobyMax teacher's account, click on the Games button. Next, select the students for whom you would like to adjust game time by checking the box next to the appropriate names. Once you have selected your students, click the Adjust Game Time button. Enter the number of minutes to increase or decrease game time, and click the Save button.

MobyMax has a number of motivational tools and incentives for students who pass lessons in Math, Number Sense, Test Prep and Language. Students also earn incentives for passing lessons in Vocabulary, Reading Stories and Reading Skills. Incentives and motivational tools include badges, game time and "vibes" to help manage classroom behavior. Users can also receive certificates noting their achievements in the program. In addition, the program offers a classroom response system that allows teachers to make immediate adjustments to their lessons.