When introducing yourself, begin by directly state your name, details of your present situation in life, where you've come from and where you want to go. To develop a relationship between you and your audience, you can begin with an anecdote or joke that will ease them into a state of trust.

Once you have given the short details such as your name and where you are from, you should move on to more broad aspects of your life.

For the sake of brevity, it is best to keep the introduction short. This can present a challenge, however, if you wish to communicate who you are effectively and accurately. It is impossible to relate everything about yourself in a short time-frame, and you should choose a few topics that truly define your character and have shaped your life, such as your first job, an accomplishment, or a travel experience.

To make your introduction more colorful and to establish good rapport between you and your audience, humor and witticism can be threaded throughout. For a less light-hearted approach, try building suspense or adventure in your speech to best illustrate your experiences or goals.

If possible you should aim to end on a dramatic, clever or thought provoking note.