Although laws vary from state to state, a formal agreement between the student, parent or guardian, and school must be completed for a student to drop out of school. Usually this involves signing a legal document.

  1. Be certain about your decision.

    Depending on your specific situation, sit down and weigh out the pros and cons. Make sure that dropping out of school is the best or most ideal situation for you. You must be of the legal age to leave school, as most states set a specific age limit.

  2. Get approval from your parent or legal guardian

    Get the permission of your parent or guardian in order to leave school if you are a minor. Make sure you have a valid argument as to why you should drop out when approaching them.

  3. Sign the paperwork to drop out

    Once your parent agrees, go to your school to make it official. Don't simply stop going to school. In most states, you must go with your parent or legal guardian and sign legal documents in your school stating that you no longer plan to attend school.