Create an invitation letter for a church group by designing a template on a computer using a word processing program. Write the letter in the tone appropriate for the formality of the program, and then send it through mail or email.

  1. Set the tone

    Before creating the invitation letter, decide on the tone of the invitation. The wording of an invitation for a children's program is likely to be less formal than an invitation for an adult program.

  2. Decide on a format, and create a template

    Invitation letters can be sent through the mail or electronically. Either way, creating a template in a word processing program is the easiest way to get started. Include a logo for the program or keep it simple by using the church's letterhead.

  3. Write the invitation

    At a minimum, the invitation letter should include the church name and address, the name of the program and the time that interested parties should meet. Additional helpful details include an exact location on the church campus, the name of the person in charge and details about the scope of the program. If necessary, include RSVP information with contact information and a required date for responses.

  4. Send the invitation letter

    Once the letter is written, print out as many copies as necessary if mailing paper copies. Print it on plain paper, card stock or stationery, depending on the level of formality chosen. Alternatively, send the letter through email.