The ASVAB practice test uses a percentile score that is converted into a number between zero and 99. To calculate a numerical Verbal Expression score, add your Paragraph Comprehension and Word Knowledge scores. Compare the results to the table provided in the practice test to get a Verbal Expression score between 20 and 62.

Calculate your math skills assessment by adding the Arithmetic Reasoning score to the Mathematics Knowledge score plus double the final score for Verbal Expression. Get a percentage score by comparing the numerical score to the table in the practice test. The numerical scores for each section are calculated based on information from a previous year and may not be as accurate as the current year. However, the averages are not likely to vary by much, so the practice test is a viable means of gauging your possible score.

Scores are placed into categories between one and five. A Category 5 score is anything below nine points, while a Category 1 is a score between 93 and 99. Only a small percentage of Category 4 scores are allowed for recruitment, while a Category 5 score is ineligible for recruitment. Some military branches have category requirements, so research the minimum required for any branch of interest. An MOS score is indicated on many ASVAB tests as a suggested role to undertake while serving. Practice tests include details on each role.