Nursing school prospects prepare ahead of time for an entrance interview by role-playing interview answers and by researching the school. Prospects find typical nursing school interview questions online and formulate answers. Taking the time to research information about the school gives the prospect a deeper understanding of the school's expectations. This research is used to demonstrate a high level of interest in the school.

Nursing school interviews are similar to job interviews. Prospects need to prepare for the interview ahead of time in order to make the best impression. There are several key tips to help prospects shine during the interview.

Nursing schools are looking for students who show a real passion for the role that nurses play in the medical profession. Read up on current health trends and topics that directly relate to nursing in order to show interest.

Prospects must learn as much information as they are able about the school. Schools have lots of information on their websites. There are also interesting news stories and press releases about the schools online.

The big question prospects are asked during the interview is why they want to become nurses. Spend time coming up with an in-depth answer that demonstrates sincerity.