Elementary students take Accelerated Reader tests on computers at schools or do sample tests online. If they are at school, students must first log in to the site and select Accelerated Reader, followed by the class they wish to take the test for. They then choose the book for the quiz for by typing the book's title, author or quiz number in the search box. Then, students select Take Quiz, and take the quiz for the book.

At the conclusion of the test, students may be asked how they liked the book, and they receive their test scores. Each question is automatically reviewed, showing the student his answer compared to the correct answer. Students can then choose to take another reading test or a vocabulary quiz based off the same book.

On the Internet, students can take a variety of sample Accelerated Reading tests. There are at least three different tests geared toward younger readers that test elementary students' comprehension level, such as a recorded-voice quiz that reads the question aloud to the child. These are ideal for children who may be learning English as a second language, and they are also available in Spanish. The sample tests differ in that they give the user a book to read first and then answer questions.