When writing a student council speech, the introduction ideally contains some information on the candidate, the body advises the audience of the candidate's goals, and the conclusion summarizes the information previously provided. A speech for student council is generally one to two minutes long, and the reader should practice before giving the speech to ensure its length and effectiveness.

The writer should write an introduction that hooks the audience and brings them in. A rhetorical question is a great icebreaker that also sets the theme for the speech. The writer should briefly outline who the candidate is, the position he's seeking and his plans once elected into student council. A small summary of the experience the candidate has is helpful.

The body of the speech should inform the audience of the candidate's main idea, clearly informing the audience of the candidate's plans and how he intends to execute them. The reasoning why this candidate would make a good member of the student council is also outlined in the body of the speech.

The writer should conclude his speech by briefly re-stating the candidate's goals and the benefits of his election. End the speech with a statement similar to the one given at the beginning of the speech.