Improving communication at work requires paying attention to verbal and nonverbal communication, avoiding judgment and interrupting when someone else is speaking and when speaking, considering the tone in which you speak. Listening is a big part of communication and many people find that that if they take the time to listen to others, they become better communicators.

The first step in improving communication in the workplace is to listen carefully and avoid judgment. This helps to make understanding easier and communication more efficient.

Pay attention to a person's body language. This is a subtle yet effective way of improving communication because body language often communicates better than words.

When improving office communication, take note of peoples' preferred method of communication. Many people are fine talking face to face while others prefer text messages or email. People who don't readily respond to voicemail and never seem to pick up their phones probably prefer email communication.

Rephrase important points made by others in the workplace. By reiterating points made during conversation, it demonstrates listening and understanding. It also opens the door for clarification if any points were confusing.

Take note of how others respond to communication and make notes on how to improve. If people always seem confused, make the effort to be more clear. If they become defensive, try softening the tone a little.