SuccessMaker aids math students by providing individualized adaptive technology, practice and remediation, games and interactive activities. It also provides a live data source for teachers and parents to use to provide individual student support.

SuccessMaker's adaptive learning technology and individualized learning path both meet individual students on their levels and build their skills from there. SuccessMaker starts each student with an initial placement test that upon completion puts the student on the corresponding grade level. It then follows the student's progression and adapts subsequent material to the level of performance on earlier problems. Struggling students spend more time on easier problems, whereas those who progress quickly arrive at harder material sooner. An individualized learning path identifies struggle points for all levels and provides tutorials, reviews and additional practice to help each student overcome particular problem spots.

The program also indirectly improves math performance by providing teachers with a data bank that allows them to quickly analyze the standings of both individual students and the class as a whole. Data features include immediate reporting on individual student progress, problem areas and the number of individual attempts on a problem. SuccessMaker uses this data to provide teachers with a forecast of each student's future performance and the amount time the individual needs to reach set performance markers.