Letters that introduce businesses are press releases. They must be upbeat and inform the community that the business is set to open. It is important to provide detailed information about the business’ hours, location, telephone number, email and social media accounts for efficient contact. Even though an introduction letter or press release is short, it must be informative and succinct.

When businesses open within communities, or online, it is essential to tell potential customers the business is open. Business owners who rely on customers to find their business on their own leads to lackluster sales and makes it difficult for the business to remain open beyond the first year.

To write a press release, write it in third person. First person makes it sound like a testimony, while second person does not seem as professional. To make it sound even more professional, include statistics about the business so potential customers have hard numbers about the services or product the business offers. It is also important to write a press release in the present tense as much as possible.

Enticing the interest of potential customers is essential. Since the press release is short, the word choice must be deliberate. Choose words that help promote the business, but do not give too much away. Get them in the door, or to the website, so they can see for themselves what the business has to offer.