To find waterfront homes for sale in Florida, visit any number of real estate sites, including,, or Each site features a map that allows you to focus on any particular waterfront area of Florida. has a search function on its homepage that you can use to find a specific location. Type "Florida" in the search bar, and click on the binoculars. Every home and potential home for sale in Florida appears. To narrow down the listings to solely look at waterfront homes, zoom in on the map of Florida using the plus sign, until only your particular desired area is shown on the map. The corresponding home listings appear on the right-hand side.

The criteria can be further narrowed down by things such as price, number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms, home type and square footage, according to the Zillow website. Each listing includes pictures of the house, the address, the asking price, and other various facts and features. An estimated monthly mortgage cost is also available. This search process to find a waterfront home in Florida is similar to many other real estate websites. To visit a home for sale, contact a real estate agent or the owner.