According to the Houston Chronicle, a sales analysis report is a report that shows the trends that occur in a company's sales volume over time. It shows whether or not a company's sales are increasing or decreasing.

The Houston Chronicle states that a company's manager of sales may analyze the results of a sales analysis report at any given moment in the fiscal year. Sales managers use the trends in the report to help figure out the best course of action to take within the company. Managers typically use these reports to seek out market opportunities as well as areas where volume can be increased.

A good example of using a sales analysis report, as indicated by the Houston Chronicle, is when customer shows a history of increased sales during certain periods. A sales analysis report then can be used to request or inquire about additional business during these peak periods.

According the Houston Chronicle, the sales analysis report of a larger corporation may include data from only a subsidiary, division or region of the company. Managers of small businesses or companies tend to be interested in the breakdown of a sales analysis report by product or location. These reports might compare projected sales to actual sales.