A few things to include on a house buyer's checklist before closing and settling on a new home include becoming educated about the mortgage process and getting preapproved for a mortgage, says the Homebuyer's Information Center. House buyers should also list needs and wants and find an agent.

Having a comprehensive checklist and referring back to it throughout the homebuying process increases the chances of success at getting the ideal home, according to the Homebuyer's Information Center. The preparation for going through the process of buying a home is essential in an ever-changing market. Educating yourself about the mortgage process is one of the most important items on the checklist. Knowing about the different elements incorporated into a mortgage, such as the principal, interest, taxes and insurance, helps ease some of the anxiety when presented with numbers. Getting preapproved for a mortgage before beginning the search for a house not only gets one of the most stressful parts out of the way but gives you the power of a cash buyer when shopping.

Determining your specific needs and wants for a house streamlines the search process and also helps ease the stress of looking, reports the Homebuyer's Information Center. Finding an agent you can trust by comparing background and experience among agents helps in getting to evaluate the right properties according to what you want.