When considering buying a beachfront condominium, consider the possibility for changing shorelines, look into hurricane and flood liability insurance, consider the direction the real estate market is headed because it might prove wise to wait it out and avoid negative equity and consider the rental market for a potential purchase. Because beachfront condo owners don't often spend the majority of the year in their condos, understanding the possibility for renters is extremely important, notes Forbes magazine. Another tip for buying a beachfront condo is to contact the county assessor's office and ask for a title and loan status of the potential purchase, which can help aid in getting a good deal on the property.

Another tip for prospective beachfront condo buyers is to consider buying somewhere out of their home country. Research the sales markets of foreign destinations to establish what's available there, which can often be more amenities and space than what's offered in the United States, states Forbes.

Also, find a realtor who is an expert in moving beachfront property. This property requires a different set of knowledge than regular property, and an expert will know the ins and outs of each place and can help prospective buyers find the best property for them.