Websites such as, and present various opportunities for people looking for rental homes to find rental properties for single families in areas and price ranges that match their needs. These sites can be filtered through many pieces of information including number of rooms, number of bathrooms, whether they are furnished or unfurnished and many other important factors. is a website that does precisely what its name suggests: connects people with realtors and realty opportunities. The site has a rental section where prospective renters can examine properties whose owners would prefer rental to sale and can further search for houses which meet their space needs. is a website for all kinds of rental properties and opportunities. It does not deal directly in property sale, and it is a good place to start looking for someone who wants to rent in a high-traffic area. Its rental listings are updated regularly so new opportunities are always coming through its pipeline. lets renters filter properties by single or multi-family, allowing those with more modest goals to filter out properties which would be irrelevant to them. This streamlines the rental process by connecting renters directly to the properties that want both their business and their inhabitance.