Zillow suggests looking for single-family rentals, looking in the classifieds posted by pet advocacy groups and obtaining references for the dog to find an apartment that allows big dogs. Additionally, MSN Real Estate suggests that a dog owner can offer to pay a larger deposit or obtain renters insurance.

As Zillow points out, landlords of single-family rentals are more likely to be flexible regarding large dogs because they typically don't have set pet policies. In addition, the Humane Society and other advocacy groups often list pet-friendly rentals on their websites. Zillow also recommends checking with animal rescue shelters or breed advocacy groups for apartments that are friendly to a particular breed.

MSN Real Estate suggests writing a resumé or providing references for a large dog is also helpful in the apartment search. Gather documents from the dog's veterinarian showing that its shots and regular care are up-to-date as well as the date of spaying or neutering. Add information regarding the dog's obedience training history, and gather references from former landlords or neighbors about the dog's behavior, especially during the day if the dog is left alone for many hours.

MSN Real Estate also points out that large dog owners should also offer to carry renters insurance to handle the liability for any injuries or damages caused by the dog. In addition, while landlords often ask for a separate pet deposit already, large dog owners can offer to increase the amount to give the landlord peace of mind.