To apply for a cosmetology license renewal, submit an application for license renewal along with appropriate fees and documents on or before the license expiration date. Renewals are done online or by mail, based upon state regulations. Paper license renewal applications are available by mailed request or printed online.

  1. Complete license renewal application

    Download and complete the cosmetology license renewal application from the state licensing board website. Renewal requirements vary based on the state. Completing a set number of continuing education hours is generally required. For example, to qualify for renewal, the Tennessee Board of Cosmetology requires completion of 16 hours of continuing education, as of 2014.

  2. Mail completed application

    Mail the completed application, along with necessary fee payments, to the state department of licensing. Fee structures vary by state. For example, as of 2014, Georgia requires a $75 renewal fee, while Washington requires a $55 fee. Late fees are applied for renewals sent past the license expiration date.

  3. Renew license online

    If available, cosmetology licenses may be renewed online via the state licensing board. Documents are either mailed in or digitally scanned and included with the application. Processing times are typically faster with online renewals. For example, the Washington State Department of Licensing processes online renewals within 14 days, while paper renewal requests take up to 30 days, as of 2014.