To persuade a private landlord to rent you a house, look only at homes you can afford, improve your credit if necessary, have enough money for upfront fees, be on time for all meetings, and have references, notes Zillow. Know what you need and want in the home as well.

Having a rental application that includes contact information, your rental history and current employment information can also help convince a private landlord to rent you a house, according to Get Rich Slowly. Obtain a copy of your credit score and credit report, and check them for discrepancies. Prepare to explain any negative marks on your report.

Self-employed renters should provide private landlords with current bank statements or recent tax returns to show they're able to pay rent, notes Get Rich Slowly. There's a chance the landlord may ask for a birth certificate or Social Security number. It also helps to dress business casual and look professional when you first meet with the landlord.

Showing confidence, asking questions and finding common ground are additional ways to convince private landlords to accept your rental application, states Get Rich Slowly. Asking questions about the house shows genuine interest, and finding common ground helps to start building a connection with the landlord and can make future encounters with the landlord more relaxed.