Metallic eyeshadows of all shades, including silver, can be applied in the same manner as any other color of eyeshadow, serving either as a single color on the eyelid or as part of a group of colors applied to specific parts of the eye, including a highlight on the inside corner, an accent on the outside corner or a substitute liner applied with a fine brush. Silver eyeshadow can be applied thickly for a strong metallic look, or it can be swept on lightly on the lid for a soft, frosty shimmer. This kind of eye makeup can be applied along with other components, such as eyeliner and mascara, for a complete look.

Silver eyeshadow can be suitable for both daytime and nighttime wear, although those who want a more subtle look should avoid using a thick layer of silver eyeshadow. Subtle looks call for a light dusting of silver shadow or the use of silver as an accent.

Silver is an ideal choice for more dramatic eye makeup looks, including a multicolor metallic or a classic smoky eye. For this look, silver eyeshadow can be applied as a base upon which smokier colors, including dark gray and even black, can be applied for maximum impact.