Those with green eyes should stick to warm hair tones and colors, but it depends on skin color according to Schwarzkopf Professional Hair Care. Warm hair colors include golden blonde, copper and reddish tones.

All skin color types can have green eyes, which means that skin tone plays an important part in hair color.

Color Profiles:

  • Spring: Those with a spring complexion have light skin with golden and peach undertones. Hair colors for this type of complexion are golden blonde, golden brown, golden red and strawberry blonde.
  • Summer: Summer complexions have a bluish hue and rosy skin color. Corresponding hair colors are ash blonde, ash brown, platinum blonde and mauve.
  • Autumn: Skin color is light, but bronze with a yellow/golden hue. Hair colors include warm red, copper and brown tones.
  • Winter: Very light skin color with bluish undertones. Aubergine and mahogany are go-to colors for this skin color.