To wear an infinity scarf, put the scarf around your neck, and wrap it around once or more, depending on the length. To protect your neck from cold weather, use a long infinity scarf that you can safely wrap around your neck more than twice.

  1. Prepare the scarf

    Put the scarf over your head so that it rests around your shoulders. If the scarf has a tag, put the section with the tag on it against the back of your neck.

  2. Make the first loop

    Separate the end of the scarf by its two sides. Fold one side over the other side, creating a shape that looks like the number eight.

  3. Loop it over your head

    Bring the new loop up and over your head to create a double layer around your neck.

  4. Create more loops

    If the scarf is too loose around your neck, pull on the top loop to create slack. Repeat steps two and three to form a triple layer of scarf loops around your neck. Create enough layers to keep your neck warm without constricting your throat.

  5. Adjust the scarf

    Pull on the bottom layer so that it rests slightly lower than the rest of the scarf that is closest to your neck. Tug the layers closest to your neck away from your throat for comfort.